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Sades Gaming Headset 7.1

The sades r16 gaming headset is the perfect solution for those who want to play video games with friends and family. This headset includes a 7. 1 surround stereo headphones feature that will let you hear and understand the conversation in the room better than ever. With it, you can also play games with your friends on together. The gaming experience will be even more amazing as the headset will keep your head balance while you play.

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The sades 7. 1 gaming headset is a surround sound gaming headset that features 7x1 sound recipe that creates a unique and immersive experience for your sound system. The headband is also usb wmic for pc and includes a microphone for making calls and chatting with others while on the go. The headband is also blue for easy visibility.
the sades rgb gaming headset is the perfect over-ear gaming headset for gamers who want the best sound quality and experience. Its 7. 1 surround sound performance and locust plus technology will give you an amazing gaming experience.
the sade's 7. 1 gaming headset has an amazing virtual 7. 1 surround sound that will give you the best sound quality possible. It is also made to allow you to play your games with up to 13 friends through it's built in speaker.