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Sades Gaming Headset 3.5

Introducing the sadles 3. 5 gaming headset! This multi-platform headset with mic comes complete with a 3. 5 mm jack in-line with theps4 andxboxonesmartphones. It can be used to play your favorite games on your new pcps4\/xboxone and can even be used as a microphone for calling other gamers together.

Best Sades Gaming Headset 3.5 Reviews

The sadese 3. 5 gaming headset is a new product for the sadese line of headphones. It is a stereo sound with a 3. 5mm connection that can be used on pc or new xbox one games. The headphones have a high quality sound with a comfortable fit. Themic is also a great feature for using the headphones with other devices.
the sades 3. 5 gaming headset is perfect for gamers who need heard listening performance with voice chat and video chat relayed through an easy to use interface. The headset has three over the ear cups with side cue light bars and a microphone for voice and video chat. The headset also includes arevolution volume control for the xbox one and ps4, as well as a microphone for video and voice chat on the newer devices. 5 gaming headset is a new audio product from microsoft that is designed to provide a perfect listening experience for gamers. The headset features over-ear cups with microphone and pc/ps4 system-of-action, while the macbook and laptop versions have gaming peripherals. The headset is equipped with a microphone and has a volume control for the pc and ps4, as well as a built-in microphone for calling or recording. The sades 3. 5 gaming headset is also equipped with a microfiber cloth and cloth minder for a more comfortable feeling.